Our Impact

Our program offers many benefits to our students to help them realize their potential and become lifelong learners.

Expert Assessments


  • Provides students with opportunities to work with a diverse range of teachers and student helpers from Chicago elementary and high schools, colleges, universities and professional schools
  • Opportunities for children to be mentored by parent volunteers
  • Introduces students to artists and experts from a wide range of disciplines
  • Takes children on field trips to Chicago’s finest dance, drama and music performances, including ones with students from other Cool Classics! programs so children from across the city can meet and enjoy art together
  • Offers opportunities for students to display their art and work at Chicago Public Library branches and other cultural venues
  • Provides opportunities for children to participate in cultural and other events such as recordings and museum exhibitions
  • Encourages regular parental and community involvement in investing in our students’ future
  • Provides community service hours required for high school graduation to student helpers and experience in mentoring younger children