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We welcome any and all donations to Cool Classics!
Please know that whatever you can give will aid the children of Cool Classics! 


You can help us avoid fees by donating with Zelle Pay. Please use as the recipient. To see if your bank is partnered with Zelle, click the logo above.


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We also welcome your checks, which also helps us avoid fees and makes your donation go further!

Please mail checks to the following address:
Cool Classics Inc.
3712 N. Broadway
Suite 558
Chicago, IL 60613

Your donation at any level is appreciated

$100 buys books for one program
$500 buys books and art supplies for one program
$1,000 covers 4 field trip buses
$5,000 pays for half a program
$10,000 puts Cool Classics! into a new school

Donations to our general operating budgets are extremely helpful, but if you would like to donate to a particular school or program or field trip, that can be arranged.

Thank you for your support!