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Our program offers many benefits to our students to help them reach their potential and beyond. Cool Classics! is a pilot-tested program; you can read assessments by educational experts Robert Halpern and M. Catherine Gruber. You can also read what School Administrators, Teachers and Parents have to say about Cool Classics!

Listen to our Founder and Director, Mara Tapp, in an interview with Marion Brooks from The Talk discuss how Cool Classics! helps its children address violence >> see more

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Building Academic and Personal Growth

  • Teaches critical thinking, literary and analytical skills
  • Promotes learning and improves mental abilities through the study of art, utilizing social science research findings
  • Aligns with the Common Core Standards
  • Shows students how books open up worlds
  • Increases interest in and comprehension of literacy as a domain of experience, in school and beyond

Offering a Foundation of Experience

  • Provides opportunities to work with a diverse range of teachers, student teachers from various high schools, colleges and universities, and parent volunteers, offering various models of and opportunities for mentoring
  • Introduces children to artists and experts from a wide range of disciplines
  • Takes children on field trips to Chicago’s finest drama, dance and music performances, museums and galleries
  • Offers opportunities for students to display their art and work at local Chicago Public Library branches, as well as participation in various cultural events and exhibitions

Other Benefits

  • Provides community service hours required for high school graduation to student helpers and experience in mentoring younger children
  • Encourages regular parental and community involvement in investing in our students’ future

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