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Hear what our children have to say about Cool Classics!

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Cool Classics!? It’s cool! I like to learn about opera, read stories, and talk about all sorts of stuff.” –Jaden, 1st grade

“What I liked the most about Cool Classics! is that I got to draw and go on fun trips like the Harris Theater where we saw DJ Beethoven. I also met the director of the Goodman Theatre’s Latino Theatre Festival. That was cool!” – Gabryel, 3rd grade

Lo que más me gustó acerca de ¡Cool Classics! es que tuve la oportunidad de dibujar y hacer excursiones divertidas, como el Teatro Harris donde vimos DJ Beethoven. También conocí al director del Festival de Teatro Latino del Teatro Goodman. ¡Eso fue genial!” – Gabryel, 3er grado

“I like all of the stories that we read in Cool Classics!” – Ariadna, 2nd grade

“It gives me education and it teaches me to read all those kind of books.” – Oluwakemi, 2nd grade

“The best part is we get books to read.” – Santiago, 2nd grade

“I like that we learn how to read in Cool Classics!” – Brianna, 1st grade

“I like the chance to read out loud to the group.” – Melissa, 2nd grade

“My favorite part is when we read The Story of Ferdinand.” – Arielle, Kindergarten

“My favorite part was hearing the Ferdinand story and answering questions about it.” – Camden, 1st grade

“My favorite part of Cool Classics! is the art and the reading.” – Jesus, 3rd grade

“My favorite part was when we did art projects” – Aminat, 1st grade

“The best thing we did in Cool Classics! was the artwork, especially the swords.” – Samantha, 2nd grade

“What I like about Cool Classics! is that we always get to make things.” Nya, 2nd grade

“In Cool Classics!, I like the trips, books and the different words we have every week.” – Michael, 1st grade

“I like going on field trips and traveling around the world with Cool Classics!” – Jasmine, 2nd grade

“My favorite part of Cool Classics! is we got to hear about different countries and places.” – Symone, 1st grade

“I love Ms. Tapp because she teaches us new things.” – Basirat, 2nd grade

“My favorite thing to do in Cool Classics! is we get to watch videos and color and make poems.” – Kayla, 1st grade

“What I like best is the art, reading the books, and we get to see paintings.” – Abigail, 1st grade

“What I like best about Cool Classics! is the books, going on trips, and our performance.” – Thais, 2nd grade

“I met a lot of new friends. Now I’m telling my sister to act it out. I do parts too, and she always wants to be Ferdinand, and I let her.” – Liam, 1st grade

“I learned to not be mean. Be nice. Share and don’t be mean to one another.” – Cameron, 1st grade

“My favorite part about Cool Classics! was everything.” – Vera, Kindergarten

“Jumping up and down to “Queen of the Night” is the best part of Cool Classics!” – Jaikema, Kindergarten

“My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to be in Cool Classics! I love the roaring, and being animals, and the donkey kicks! And, I really love ‘Queen of the Night!’” – Lovie, 1st grade

“The thing I like best about Cool Classics! is that we learn new words and do activities.” – Adrian, 3rd grade

“The lending library is the best part of Cool Classics! because I can take the books home to read.” – Joshua, Kindergarten

A Few Words from Our Student Helpers

“What I like best about Cool Classics! is that we get to tell who we really are.” – Leroy, 7th grade student helper

“I like to write and I have enjoyed volunteering at Cool Classics! because I enjoy helping with the kids.” – Luis, Freshman student helper

“I loved working with the kids and helping them do stuff about The Story of Ferdinand.” – Alyssa, 2nd grade student helper

“My favorite part was attending all the different field trips.” – Lee, 7th grade student helper

“The biggest surprise has been the techniques of learning. I didn’t really think that we would be doing a lot of things that we were doing, but I think that it’s turned out way better than I could have imagined. What you put together really gets the children excited about learning.” – Nicole, 7th grade student helper

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